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Bought a puppy or kitten in Europe or in another city? You need to send the breeder and your pet to a new home ? Other needs in moving pets ?

We always find a solution!

Write, call, ask - we are always ready to help in the transportation of your pet!

Overview We provide services for the transport of animals from Europe to Ukraine , and from Ukraine to Europe. Moving pets requires careful planning and careful handling. Transported us dogs and cats reach new homes. Every year we carry several hundred pets. The first place we put the safety and comfort of your pets. We do our best to keep our four-legged clients were satisfied with our services . Transportation by bus Implemented dogs in the cabin.

Reliability We care about your pet , as his - in this way, you can always be sure that with us your pet is in safe and caring hands . We make every effort so that it reached the destination is without stress , as quickly as possible and with maximum comfort .

Choosing parsecs - you choose professionals caring and loving animals!

We transport animals across the border is not an additional service - this is our main work , our profession and our passion ! We provide transportation services for pets to / from Europe and we do it well !

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